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Grow Bags
Easy to install
Forteco coco slabs are completely ‘ready to use’.
Drain slits and plant holes are pre-cut and stick holes
are drilled according to the wishes of the customer.
This saves the grower a large amount of labor costs.

Maximum steering ability

A high air holding capacity is an important quality
aspect of a Forteco slab. Consequently, each
slab has an important drainage capacity resulting
in an excellent steering of the crop. The coco slabs
have sufficient capillarity to allow ‘dry growing’ without
risking a reduced water uptake during the different
growing phases. The total substrate volume remains
available for the plant.
Because of the unique characteristics of the products due to a unique
way of producing, Forteco has succeeded in creating a homogenous
product with excellent growing characteristics.
Over the last five years, Forteco has become the number one in coco
substrates around the world.
Excellent rooting
Plant root in very easily in
Forteco coco slabs, because of their unique air/water ratio. Roots are distributed through the entire substrate. This will result in extra vigour during the summer season
Stable Structure
Due to the high air holding capacity, the structure of the Forteco coco slabs are very stable. It even lasts more than one season.
Coco slabs are therefore suitable for multiple year cultivation of crops.

Easily recyclable
Coco is a raw material that is 100% organic and can be completely recycled as a soil improver. In other words, cocoslabs have an important residual value!
The research and development department of Van der Knaap Group is
located at research centre ‘De Kas’ in Honselersdijk. In five compartments,
new Forteco products are tested. For the past six months, the new
propagation plugs of Forteco have been tested intensively. The Forteco
coco slabs are also continouesly used in different trails.
Propagation Cube

Propagation cube Made of power coco, the Forteco propagation cube is processed as a small plank and packed in a thin plastic bag. The side walls as well as the bottom of the cube are covered, to avoid any loss of coco material on the propagation floor. Via the drain slits, the cube absorbs nutrient solution to expand to its full size (10/10/8). Its unique water/air ratio results in a perfect growing medium for young plants. At the moment of planting, the bottom part of the plastic can be removed easily. growpot The Forteco Growpot is a growbag of 4,5 or 6 litre that is designed to be used both as a propagation unit and a growing unit in the greenhouse. This pot allows to propagate larger plants and it brings immediate cost savings for the grower as this product has a double function (Propagation cube and growbag in one)

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